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Rise of Kingdoms Commanders List

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It is super easy to download and play Rise of Kingdoms right on your PC. All you need to do are:

  1. Visit the official download page of Rise of Kingdoms.
  2. Click onto the download button
  3. Install the emulator.
  4. Sign in with your Google account to use Google Android services (required).
  5. Click on the game icon located on your Desktop or the emulator Desktop.
  6. Start Downloading Rise of Kingdoms
  7. Enjoy!

Rise of Kingdoms is a game for iOS and Android with which you can enjoy the whole experience of a strategy game at your fingertips.

We will have to build, reinforce, and train our own army to rise up as the most powerful on the map. You can also join with your friends to an alliance and thus have more strength of map control.

Rise of Kingdoms gameplay

Rise of Kingdoms Game Mechanics

In order to evolve your civilization, you must investigate the resources, trade with them, overcome missions and expand the territory so it is not a game of rapid evolution, but the whole process is entertaining and with a wide range of options to play while you investigate and overcome the main missions. These game options are face-to-face battles, in which you move your army according to its composition and power of the soldiers, with prizes that accelerate your evolution. Another option I mentioned earlier is the possibility of visiting other users’ cities and interacting with them. We will also have the possibility of conquering territories of the continent, through battles, which, as you move away from your civilization, become more and more complicated,

In order to evolve your city, depending on the age at which you are in each moment, you must build buildings, within the catalog of buildings that have the game that is residential, military, production, supplies, cultural and decorative. Each of them will be essential in each part of the game.

Like most of the current games, you have the option to buy “in-App”, which makes the evolution of the game accelerate (the diamonds). For my taste an advantage that people without patience comes great, but just to start playing and validate your email you have a succulent number of diamonds, which for an emergency you do the fix.

huge Rise of Kingdoms map


You will have a total of eleven civilizations to choose from at the beginning, each with its own special bonuses, unique troops, and a historical commander as a leader. We can choose between Rome, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman, and Byzantium playable civilizations. Once we select the one that we like the most, we will start with a tutorial in which we will explain all the basic functions of the game. Completing main missions and with the passage of time will give us advice when necessary.

build your own city


It does not become a problem for those who are already familiar with the mechanics of creating their own city, but if you are new to this, first of all, enjoy decorating it to your liking. Here the distribution of the buildings does not matter since the battles are against the city as a unit and not building a building as in other titles of this style.

Improve the buildings little by little and make use of accelerators to finish the constructions before, these are very easy to get in missions.


The missions will help us advance in our adventure as conquerors. Collecting materials, defeating enemy troops and building buildings are the missions that we will see the most, as these will increase the number of requirements over time.

combat in Rise of Kingdoms


In the setting of Rise of Kingdoms, we have to take care of discovering the map little by little with the help of explorers because it is covered with a dense fog when we start playing. You will have the ability to discover and explore various kinds of locations such as ruins, castles, villages and so much more, which will reward us with objects when we investigate them once we discover them.

Once we have a large area clear of fog, we can see how other players struggle to cover as much territory as possible. And this is where we enter to attack and conquer most of the map, although in this case, we will not have to do it alone, thus making the game more fun for online play.

Online Gameplay

Within the game, we will have a complete set of alliance features for online play that will allow us to help each other. Some of the unique functions that the game has is the ability to fully integrate and interact with your alliance. The alliances can widen the territory to be able to obtain more gold and other resources, and also get more land as well, between mountains and barbarian positions to strengthen our position.

Take over the power of more than a dozen commanders based on historical figures such as Julius Caesar or Joan of Arc, and lead the battles. Each of the commanders has a range of skills and talents, we can improve them with points that will be won based on the battles in which we use the commander.

Rise of Kingdoms Guides

This Rise of Kingdoms game is a great strategy game in which it does not matter if you had played games of this genre before or not because you have a lot of help and tutorials in the game to help you. If you are worried that this game is one in which you have to wait for hours to build something, be happy because that does not happen here (or at least not until you have played more than 10 hours). A lot of commanders and combinations to be able to fight against the enemies is one of the most fun things that the game has. We can also use our troops to collect resources in mines or fields. But be aware there are other strategies that you can do when you are building your kingdom up from the beginning of the game.

No doubt this game has a wide range of possibilities and playable hours. This will not have the need to make use of microtransactions to be able to advance faster, since the game rewards you constantly with accelerators and useful resources such as gems.

You really should try out Rise of Kingdoms if you are a huge strategy game fan is it will not disappoint in the number of hours and fun that you can get out of it.

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