Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Guide

In Rise of Kingdoms, Alliance offers tremendous benefits. Join the alliance as soon as possible so you will accelerate your development many times. Strive to get into the strongest and most active alliance on the territory.

Rise of Kingdoms alliance

Why you Should Join An Alliance in Rise of Kingdoms Immediately!

  1. The players of one alliance help each other in the construction of buildings, research, and treatment of troops. The higher the level of your Alliance Center building, the faster you will do everything in the game. Based on the percentage (building level) +4. For example, at building level 10, your fellow soldiers are able to reduce building construction by 14%. For daily help, you can get individual loans that can be spent in the alliance store.
  2. In the Alliance it is possible to carry out joint attacks on barbarians, forts, other players, shrines, etc. For the victory over these enemies give excellent rewards.
  3. Rewards for the first occupation of the sanctuary can be seen in the screenshot. You can collect joint attacks after the construction of the “Castle”. The higher his level, the more lads you can collect for hitting enemies. Moreover, rewards for joint attacks will receive all participants in the attack. An attack on an alliance member is regarded as an attack on the entire alliance, therefore only noobs dare to take such adventures.
  4. The territory of the alliance accelerates the collection of resources in the fields located on its territory. Only members of the alliance can teleport to the territory of the alliance – this will protect you from unpleasant neighbors. Points of resources located on the territory of the alliance give resources to all its members, only they need to be taken periodically. To collect alliance resources, click in the Alliance> Territory> Capture interface.
  5. Alliance research extends to all its members. And such studies give excellent positive effects on speed, attack and defense of troops, construction of buildings, collection of resources, pumping of commanders, etc. etc. Just remember to participate in these studies. For active participation, commanders receive good rewards daily.
  6. When members of the alliance acquire a set, destroy a barbarian fort or defeat Lohar, all members receive a gift from the alliance. Alliance gifts contain various items, gift points, and key points. Gift points allow you to increase the level of the gift of the alliance, and key points open up crystal treasures.

As you can see, the alliance provides not only the opportunity to communicate but also greatly increases your chances of success in Rise of Kingdoms.

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