Card King Event

The Card King is an event in Rise of Kingdoms that normally appears right after the Lost Kingdoms ends.

It is a quite fascinating event because it involves flipping the cards and matching them on the board. In the following guide, we will show you how to play the Card King; it also includes the game rules and some tips for you to maximize the rewards that you can get in this event.

Rise of Kingdoms Card King Event

Card King Event Overview

  • As we mentioned above, this event is a flip and match card game. You can get plenty of cool rewards from this event because it usually has 4 random decks. From these decks, you can actually get the Legendary Commander Sculptures, which are the highest tier of rewards.
  • Before starting the game, there will always be a list of Legendary Commanders for you to choose from. The chosen Commander will appear in the game as Commander Sculptures.

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List of Card King Commanders:

These Commander Sculptures are not easy to get for free as you may think. Because there are few rules that you need to take into account:

  • You can pick any deck with your wanted Commander to join in the battle. The victory prizes will include that Commander’s Sculptures.
  • There will be a certain number of moves that you can make. Therefore, you will need to calculate the move carefully or you will lose some of the rewards.
  • When you start the game, flip over two matching cards in a row to win the displayed rewards.
  • When you fail to match the cards, these cards will display as free at no extra cost to you.
  • You can use the Shuffle option to quit the current match and reset the progress but it will cost 1 chance. You have a total of 10 chances.
  • If you want to switch to another Commander, you can return to the event main page to choose another one. But it will cost you 1 chance.

How to Play Card King Event

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  • In the beginning, you can see there are 12 cards face up that display what is those cards holding. These are the rewards that you can get if you successfully match 2 cards in a row.
  • You can tap on the shuffle button to shuffle the cards. Now, all of the cards are face down. You need to tap 2 cards in order to flip them up. If they match, you will get the rewards.

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  • The first two cards are free for you to try. It will cost you 300 gems to flip another card. In total, you will have to spend 3,000 gems to flip all of the cards.

Tips for Card King Event

  • If you are a F2P player, we advise you to skip this event. However, you should flip the 2 free cards that the event gives you. You also get 10 free shuffles, so in total, you will have 20 cards to flip for free. If you are very lucky, you can get some free Legendary Sculptures.
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