Expedition Guide

expeditionThe Expedition Mode in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most interesting game modes because it’s a great way for you to test out your commander’s power and strategies on controlling your dispatches.

This is indeed the best PvE mode in-game right now. Players will be rewarded loads of valuable rewards after every time they defeat a chapter of this special “campaign”. The rewards you could get here include Legendary Commander Sculptures, Epic Commander Sculptures, XP Books, etc.

Expedition: Basic Knowledge

The expedition is located in the Campaigns menu.

The Expedition Mode resets at UTC 00:00 every day. The main reward of this mode is the Expedition Coin. This is the currency of this mode. Expedition Coin allows you to purchase loads of different items from the Expedition Store.

After completing missions in the Expedition and collect the rewards, players can come back again after the daily reset to collect those rewards again without having to do the missions again.

The most valuable item most players want to purchase here in the Expedition Store is the Aethelflaed Sculptures, which costs 1500 Coins per Sculpture.

Aetheflaed is the only true free Legendary commander you can get in Rise of Kingdoms. She is extremely versatile. She could be excellent at farming resources, supporting and running raids on the battlefields. Her splash damage is especially helpful at farming Barbarians & neutral units.

In the Expedition, players can easily see the rewards of each stage, the enemies and the requirements to receive all of the rewards. The enemies could be 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 10 dispatches being lead by different commanders. Thus, you need to build a lot of strategies before each battle. If you find any battle hard to defeat, please comment down below and we will help you figure it out!

rise of kingdoms expedition mode 2

Since the Expedition mode is separate from the normal game world. Therefore, you can use all of the commanders and troops you have even though they are farming resources, attacking Barbarians or reinforcing any rally in the normal game world. The dead troops in the Expedition also do not affect your troops in reality.

In several stages, in order to get 3⭐, players must have at least 60% of the troops being alive. So you will want to use tanky commanders while managing your dispatches carefully.

Richard I is definitely one of the greatest commanders for Expedition mode. However, if you are free-to-play player, it takes a while to get him. In the meanwhile, you can use Sun Tzu, which is the best epic commander for Rise of Kingdoms beside Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc has a crazy buff ability that definitely helps any commander you use here.

After a while, you will get to the stage #60. Here, the game will become a lot more interesting since there will be no timer during the battles. You will have a lot more time to use your strategies, make the most of the terrains to create your own opportunity. Infantry is best during this stage due to their mobility.

expedition map

Always preview the map before actually starting the battle so that you will have an idea of how your dispatches should be placed, which are the best commanders to use, how you should use them, etc.

Expedition's Metal Store

Expedition’s Metal Store

This is where you can exchange your Expedition Metals for loads of valuable items, especially the commander sculptures.

If you see there aren’t any great items in the store, you can always refresh it for free at the first time. The next refreshes cost Gems.

Best Items to Purchase in Expedition Store

  1. Constance Sculptures (early game).
  2. Legendary Starlights.
  3. Aethelflaed Sculptures.
  4. Legendary Sculptures.
  5. Epic Commander Sculptures.

Good luck and have fun!

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