Best Way to Chain Farming Barbarians

chain farming barbarians

In this following guide, we will show you how to chain farming barbarians quickly and effectively without spending too many Action Points in Rise of Kingdoms. With this simple trick, you can easily farm up to 5 barbarians for the cost of only one at the same time.

Best Way to Chain Farming Barbarians


  • It only costs 40 Action Points (with Peacekeeping talent) to farm 2-5 barbarians.
  • It is handy for some specific events such as Mightiest Governor, Clarion Call, and especially Lost Kingdom, where we usually have to spend lots of Action Points to defeat barbarians to gain honor points.
  • The same rewards will be given by killing many barbarians with only 40 Action Points.


  • Only one single army can be deployed to do this trick.
  • This trick needs some of your playtime to be able to succeed.

Getting Started


You will need to teleport to Zone 3 where you can spawn level 25 barbarians.

  • You can go to Zone 3 by joining top Alliances. However, if you don’t have enough power to join them, Zone 2 is quite fine, although it has only level 20 barbarians and below.
  • When Lost Kingdom event happens, we can take advantage of any place that has barbarians.

Barbarians naturally spawn close to each other, which is very good for us to do the chain farming barbarians.

Choosing Commanders for Chain-Farming Barbarians

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In order to chain farming constructively, you will certainly need a Commander that can do AoE damage and has Peacekeeping talent tree. Peacekeeping talent will help the Commander deal more damage to the barbarians as well as consume less Action Points and increase the rewards. Nonetheless, we can still use a normal Commander.

Primary Commander:

  1. Aethelflaed is undoubtedly our best choice here, she has both what we need, and she should be the primary Commander.
  2. Lohar: He can heal his wounded troop after every battle, which is extremely useful since it minimizes the troop loss.
  3. Cao Cao: He is one fastest Commander in the game. It is advantageous if we can use that speed to lure the barbarians quickly.
  4. Boudica: A strong Commander that has high output damage, healing, and rage reduction.

Secondary Commander:

  1. Yi Seong-Gye: He is a powerful Commander who can hit multiple enemies with his active skill, and ability to boost skill damage to himself and his partner. However, he is quite hard to obtain for F2P players or when the kingdom doesn’t reach enough days.
  2. Baibars: He is one of the best epic Commander in the game and has a very high damage skill. Very suitable for chain farming barbarians.
  3. Sun Tzu: He is similar to Baibars. Besides, he has an ability that can speedup the rage restoration to maintain his active skill uptime.


  1. Choose a barbarian that has the highest level in a group of 2 or 3. (Let call that barbarian A)
  2. Launch an attack toward A.
  3. Keep hitting A and slowly drag your troop to another nearby barbarian.
    • Stay as close to A as possible while dragging, or A will stop attacking your army.
    • Don’t attack another barbarian, or you will lose additional Action Points. Let the AoE skill automatically hit the other barbarian.
    • Keep dragging A until you are surrounded by 4 or 5 barbarians.
    • If you want to farm more, make sure that your army has enough strength to deal with all of them.
  4. If you fail the first time, it is okay. You just only need a little time and patience, and you will easily learn this trick.

Some additional information

  • You should collect a defense or health ruin if possible since it increases your troop strength in the battle.
  • You should use armor item buff and troop capacity if necessary, especially in the Lost Kingdom
  • Your peacekeeping Commander should have Trophy Talent node to receive extra resource packs.

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