Firework Festival Event

Firework Festival is a festival event in Rise of Kingdoms that generally lasts five days. In this event, you must complete a sequence of missions to obtain great rewards.

firework festival event

This event is pretty simple. It only requires you to spend a certain amount of time finishing all of the quests. However, if you are a new player, it can be challenging to complete the given missions.

Therefore, in this following guide, we will show you some tips and tricks which you can easily use to get all of the juicy rewards.

Firework Festival Event

You will have to complete 5 missions during the event. By completing each task, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of rewards.

The main goal of these missions is to ignite 180 Fireworks in total.

You can find Firework by attending the Light Up the Night event.

Light Up the Night Event

Light Up the Night is an event that comes with the Firework Festival event, and it only has a duration of 4 days, 1 less day compared to the Firework Festival. You will have a shorter time to obtain the fireworks to exchange them for the rewards.

By participating in this event, all governors will have a chance to acquire Firework when doing certain actions such as purchasing items in the courier station, defeating barbarian forts with your Alliance members, and sending help to them. Fireworks will be via your mail.

Tips and Tricks for Firework Festival Event

Helping Alliance

You can get fireworks by giving help to the Alliance members.

The more helps you give to your allies, the better chance you will receive fireworks. Therefore, you should join an active Alliance where the members regularly ask for help to build and heal their troops. The most optimal way to do this is to turn on the Quick Help option, locating in Setting and then General Setting.


Defeating Barbarian Forts:

Beating Barbarian Forts gives you a small chance to obtain Fireworks.

This activity also needs you to join an active Alliance, where members frequently hold a fort rally. It will need lots of action points, so you will need to spend quite an amount of them to get the job done. 

Buying Items in the Courier Station:

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Purchasing items in the Courier Station will randomly give Fireworks.

Whenever a Mysterious Merchant appears, you can pick up items in her shop and have a high probability of getting the Fireworks for the event. If she doesn’t appear, you can use speedups to finish training troops or to build houses, and she will show up at your kingdom.

Those are all three ways that you can use to acquire the Fireworks during the event. It is a pretty straightforward event; all you have to do is to spend some playtime.

Spoils:

In this event, you will have to sign in 7 days consecutively to get all the rewards, including Golden Keys and Epic equipment blueprint: Frost Treads.

Firework Festival is a truly remarkable event that you don’t want to miss since it gives lots of incredible rewards, especially for the F2P players.

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