Best Gathering Commanders & Tips

Gathering resources in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most crucial factors to develop your city, do research, and train troops. Therefore, you will need a solid group of Gathering Commander for effective farming. In this following guide, we will introduce you some of the best Gathering Commander that can help you a lot in Rise of Kingdoms.

Gathering Commander plays an important part in farming since they all have abilities that can harvest resources faster than others. They also can bring more resources with less troops than normal which is quite huge in the early stage of the game. Here is a list of best Gathering Commanders!

farming commander Rise of Kingdoms

Best Farming Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII

If you are lack of stone and want to farm some, she is definitely the best pick because of her passive skills:

  • End of Ptolemy: 30% bonus stone Gathering Speed and + 20% Gathering Speed for other resources.
  • Beauty and Wisdom: 50% bonus troop load.
  • You should level this Commander to 10 and then rank her to 2 stars to unlock the 2nd Your goal here is to max out her 2nd skill but it may takes sometimes since Legendary Sculptures are quite hard to get.

Ishida Mitsunari

Ishida Mitsunari

You can build him just like Cleopatra (Level him to 10, rank up to 2 stars, maxed his 2nd skill). But unlike Cleopatra, he is specialized in Gathering food.



She is considered the best at Gathering gold. You may think gold is an unimportant resource since there aren’t not much uses of it in the early stage of the game. However, you may rethink when reaching the late game because it takes ton amount of gold to upgrade building, train troops, especially when it comes to researching T5 troops. Her build is quite is the same as Cleopatra VII.

Joan of Arc Rise of Kingdoms

Joan of Arc

She is a starter France Commander and definitely the best at gathering any kind of resources. Since she is only an Epic Commander, it is quite easy to get her Sculptures. You should level her up to 10, rank her to 2 stars, and then max out her 2nd skill, and you are done. Her 2nd ability is extremely useful because it increases farming speed and also increases troop load.


  • Constance: She is an Elite Gathering Commander who specializes in Gathering wood. Both of her 2nd and 3rd skill are farming skill so you should max out all of them.
  • Gaius Marius: He is also an Elite Gathering Commander. He is pretty good at farming food thanks to the 20% bonus gathering speed.
  • Sarka: She can collect any type of resouces. Just like Gaius Marius and Constance, you can use star upgrade trick to rank her to 3 stars and then max her 2nd and 3rd

You can level and star up Commander later in the game for talent trees, but we advise you to focus on upgrading Elite and Epic Commander since their Sculptures are very easy to get. You should save Legendary Sculptures for your fighting Commander unless you are willing to spend money on the game.

Talent Trees for Farming Commanders

When your Commander reach level 18, Gathering Mastery (Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold) should be max out (3/3). This is a necessary talent that all Gathering Commanders should have because it gives a 30% Gathering Speed bonus for all resources.

Screenshot 2021 01 26 00 36 43 082 com.lilithgame.roc .gp

Level 27: The final 3 points should go into The More the Better – This is quite interesting talent because it grants you an extra 6% resources upon completion of gathering.

Screenshot 2021 01 26 00 36 46 320 com.lilithgame.roc .gp

Level 37: The final 3 points will go into Superior Tools – 25% Gathering Speed bonus for all kinds of resources. In total, your farming Commander will have a 55% Gathering Speed bonus.

Screenshot 2021 01 26 00 36 54 548 com.lilithgame.roc .gp

Gathering Troops:

Siege unit is the best unit for farming, especially T1 siege units:

  • They can carry 4 times more resources per unit than any other troops.
  • They are very easy to train because they are quite cheap and it only takes little time to train them.
  • The cost and time to heal them are very cheap and fast.

How to Gathering Resources Effectively?

  • You should always use Gathering Commanders to go farming.
  • You can send a 2nd farming Commander to go with your main Commander to reduce the farming time or to carry more resources since their skill can stack to each other. But their talent does not stack.
  • You should send Commander that has a bonus capacity such as Cleopatra VII, Constance, or Gaius Marius to farm Alliance resource deposit.
  • There is no use to bring a non-Gathering Commander to harvest resources because they really not that helpful unless they have a skill that increases troop capacity, which is somewhat acceptable.
  • You should use the Gathering Speed boost daily since it gives an extra 50% Gathering speed. They are very easy to obtain so you don’t need to save them.

Screenshot 2021 01 26 00 35 36 975 com.lilithgame.roc .gp

You don’t want to skip the Economic Technology because they give a lot of useful bonuses to your farming.

Screenshot 2021 01 26 00 35 08 392 com.lilithgame.roc .gp

Before sending troops to farm, you may want to take a rune that improves the Gathering Speed.

Screenshot 2021 01 26 00 34 46 206 com.lilithgame.roc .gp

Gathering on Alliance Territory has lots of benefits:

  • You will get a 25% Gathering Speed bonus when farming inside the Alliance Territory.
  • Your 1% of all resources gathered from Alliance deposit will contribute to your Alliance fund which can be used to build flags, Alliance Fortresses, or to do research.
  • You should teleport to the edge of your Alliance Territory so that Resource Deposits can spawn in the middle.

Your Gathering Commander should be working all of the time, in order to this you should turn on notifications:

  • Go to Setting -> Turn on “When troops have returned” and you can turn off other notifications that you don’t want to receive.
  • You should enable Rise of Kingdoms notifications on your device.
  • So now, you don’t have to regularly log in to the game to check whether you are done farming or not. You just need to wait for notifications to pop up.

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