Heroic Anthem KvK4 Guide

This series of guides will walk you through the Rise of Kingdoms KvK 4 event – Heroic Anthem!

heroic anthem Rise of Kingdoms

Heroic Anthem KvK Timeline

  • 3 days of registration: pick a story.
  • 3 days of the matchmaking process.
  • 9 days of Eve of The Crusade.

Pre KvK – Eve of the Crusade

The 3 stages have not changed but the end reward has become significantly useful for each and every governor in this new KvK format.

  1. Marauder hunt event: It’s the usual hunting event where the best way is to open 100 parchments at a time to get a decent eventually distribution which one can open with an interval of 4 hours or so. The prizes include abundant speedups and alliance coins for you to buy passport pages. The points obtained from each box is 7000 each.
  2. Troops training: The typical p2w event similar to how MGE works and tends to have the largest amount of points available from it.
  3. Marauder fort hunt: By the time this new KvK shows up even a f2p will have at least one tier 5 troops so castle books aren’t a priority anymore but hunting barbarian as a kingdom do help store up Ap for later use. The points obtained from forts are 1500 and have a limit of 1m points, therefore anymore points obtained won’t be counted.

Pre KvK Individual Rewards

pre kvk4 individual rewards

Individual and Kingdom Reward

The kingdom reward is rather useless in most cases and the best spot to be is at rank 1, 4 and 5.

Now for the individual reward they’ve included a new resource called crystals and it is very crucial to be among top 300 or else you won’t he able to level up building and tech without paying up in the game or have an exceptionally slow start.

Heroic Anthem Chronicles

List of Events Time Unlockable
Eve of the Crusade 9 days
First Step 1 day Crusader Camp
Eye for an Eye 2 days Crusader Fortress
Turf War 2 days Ruins
Retribution 2 days Barbarian Fort 11
Revenge Pass 4
Storm Clouds Sanctuary
Pilgrimage Barbarian Fort 12
Strife and Conflict +1 Coalition
Hand in Hand Pass 5
Pushing Forward
Siege the Land Pass 6
Access Granted Alter of Darkness
Sacrificial Offering Barbarian Fort 13
Drums of War +1 to Coalition
Hall of Unity Circle
Indomitable Contender Barbarian Fort 14
Clarity in Hindsight Clears all fog
Brink of Annihilation Pass 7
Arrows Nocked
Wolves and Lambs Pass 8
Proven in Battle Barbarian Fort 15
Suppression Great Ziggurat
In my name Pass 5 (Open)
The long road to Glory
Total aggression Pass 4 (Open)
Ruler’s Glory Go home

Crystal Mines & Bundles

Crystal Farming:

So the Heroic Anthem KvK included the crystals for personal usage now and it has become very crucial for both f2p and p2p alike.

Anyway, there are basically 6 different ways to obtain the crystals and I’ll go over them one at a time.

These are: Pre-Kvk reward (Already covered in slide 2), working inside the crystal mine, alliance storehouse, obviously bundles, bastion quests (favor’s spenders a bit), and lastly Karen’s I mean Kahar’s bone necklace.

Crystal Mine:

The minimum level you’d want for it to be level 15 which basically doubles your income compared to level 1. Reaching level 15 requires roughly 10 days without using titles, buff or runes so have 30-45 days of speedups saved up is a good idea for the KvK.

How it works: For 1 Crystal it requires 1 of food, wood, stone and gold each. Also a certain amount of time depending on your tech level. Has a limited work load so you’ll want to pour in more resources half or once a day.

Alliance Storehouse:

As the name suggests, be in a big alliance and coalition to have the most of crystals in the shortest amount of time. It’s a passive way of farming.


Low Spenders

low spender bundles

Super Value Bundle Info

super value bundle

Bastion Quests

Bastion is a rather long topic but for crystals it’s basically like typical events where they give you random quests you complete them and they give your crystals and more as a reward and the higher the level is the better the goodies get.

Kahar’s Bone

As for Kahar’s Bone they are great way to have a big boost of crystals but there are certain techs among the military which increases the amount of crystals obtained and you’ll be forced to level them up for better military tech so it is a wise move to wait it out to level those techs up before fighting the Karen i meant Kahar.

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