Best Infantry Commanders

Infantry troop is the most tanky unit in Rise of Kingdom, but their march speed is much slower than archer and cavalry units.

They are a perfect choice for players who want to have a balance between offense and defense.

In this following guide, we will introduce to you some of the best infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. They are all Commanders who can dish out a huge amount of damage and can stand against the enemy in rough battles at the same time.

infantry commanders Rise of Kingdoms

Best Rise of Kingdoms Infantry Commanders

Guan Yu

Guan Yu

He is definitely the best infantry Commander in the game in terms of offense. Since he has many powerful skills, he can easily dominate the enemy in any type of PvP, both Conquering, and Open Field. He will available when the kingdom reaches 310 days old and the only way to obtain his sculptures is to participate in the Wheel of Fortune event.

He has a very mighty active skill that deals tons of damage to multiple enemies on a large scale. It also gives him a chance to cause additional damage and silence the targets, which make him one of the deadliest Commander in the battle.

Every infantry units under his leadership receive a bonus attack and march speed, both of them are very important stats. Additionally, he has the healing ability after leaving a battle which can significantly minimize the troop loss.

His 4th ability gives him an extra 15% more damage whenever he gains a shield so it is best is to pair him with Alexander the Great or Charles Martel.

Guan Yu Skill Summary:

  • His active skill deals 2,000 damage up to 3 targets, it also can silence these targets for 3 seconds.
  • Whenever Guan Yu attacks garrisons, he will gain 15% more attack damage and his troops’ normal attacks also have a 10% chance to reduce a single target’s attack by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Infantry units under his leadership gain 30% more attack and 15% more march speed.
  • After leaving a battle, Guan Yu heals some of his wounded units (Healing Factor 1,000).
  • When his active skill hit only 1 target, there is a 50% chance that it causes an additional 1,000 damage to them. If it hits 2 or more targets, there is also a 50% chance that it causes an extra 1,400 damage.
  • Whenever Guan Yu gains a shield, he receives 15% more attack.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

If Guan Yu is the best infantry offensive Commander then Alexander is the best infantry defensive Commander. He will available when the kingdom reaches 200 days old and the only way to obtain him is through Wheel of Fortune.

His abilities give him lots of resistance, defensive, and endurance capacity which is very suitable for long fights. Not only that, but it also gives him and his troops a large amount of attack.

His active skill can generate a shield to himself and his allies that can absorb a certain amount of damage.

He can dynamically play on the battlefield by gaining bonus damage when the shield is down and receiving extra defense when the shield is up. All of that makes it extremely hard to take him down.

Although he doesn’t have a healing ability, his shield is way enough for him to survive on the battlefield.

Alexander the Great Skill Summary:

  • He generates a powerful shield for 4 seconds that can absorb 1,200 damage and a smaller shield that can take 1,000 for his nearby allies.
  • Alexander and his troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to deal 1,700 additional damage and can reduce the target’s healing effect by 30% in 5 seconds.
  • Infantry units under his leadership gain 30% more attack and march speed.
  • When the shield is up, his army attack increases by 40%.
  • When the shield is down, his army defense increases by 30%.



Zenobia is one of the best infantry Commander. Although she doesn’t have hefty damage like Guan Yu or a mighty shield like Alexander the Great, she comes with the extraordinary healing that not many Commanders can compare with. Just like Alexander the Great and Guan Yu, she only available when the kingdom reaches 310 days old. You can obtain her sculpture by joining the Mightiest Governor.

Besides healing, she can increase her troops and her ally’s health pool by 50% which can help them improve their survivability on the battlefield.

She is also a solid Commander that can defend your city against any kind of invaders.

Zenobia Skill Summary:

  • Her active skill heals a nearby ally troop who has the lowest remaining units (300 Healing Factor) and then her own troops (1,100 Healing Factor). All of the troops who receive the healing gain 50% more health for 2 seconds.
  • When Zenobia serves as a garrison Commander, her troops gain an extra 15% more attack damage reduction and deal 15% more attack damage. They also have a small chance to deal 600 damage over time for 3 seconds.
  • Infantry units under her leadership have their health and attack increased by 20%. They also deal 10% more damage to rallied troops.

Constantine I

Constantine I

Constantine I is a great tanker that can play very well in PvP like garrison or open field. He is a strong defensive Commander who has lots of powerful resistant thanks to his high damage reduction to the enemy. His role as a defender is nearly unbeatable in any garrison that he defends. He will available when the kingdom reaches 120 days old.

Constantine I Skill Summary:

  • His active skill decreases the enemy’s attack by 40% and increases his troops’ damage reduction by 10% in total of 5 seconds.
  • Infantry units under Constantine’s leadership gain 40% more health, 15% more attack, and 5% more defense.
  • When Constantine serves as a garrison Commander, the garrison and the watchtower have their attack increased by 10%.
  • When his troops’ strength falls below 50%, they will receive 15,000 Healing Factor. This effect can only trigger once every hour.

Charles Martel 1

Charles Martel

Another great legendary infantry Commander that definitely worth the investment.

His active skill gives him a huge shield that can absorb a certain amount of damage, it also increases his damage by 30%.

He can reduce the enemy’s counterattack damage, which is quite huge when multiple enemies want to attack you.

Among all other infantry Commanders, Charles Martel has the largest buff to infantry included health, defense, and march speed.

He can play any kind of role. He can perform any tasks perfectly due to the effectiveness he has in any situation that we assign him.

Charles Martel Skill Summary:

  • Charles creates a shield that can absorb 1,200 damage for 4 seconds. While the shield is activating, his troops’ damage increases by 30%.
  • Infantry units under his leadership gain an extra 35% defense, health, and 20% march speed.
  • When Charles Martel serves as a garrison Commander, the damage and defense of the garrison increase by 10%.
  • His troops’ counterattack damage increases by 30%.
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