What is Jumper Account & Jumping?

What is Jumper Account & Jumping?

Basically, in Rise of Kingdoms, a jumper account is a City Hall level 7 account on an old server (kingdom).

After maxing all possible things in that City Hall level 7 account, you can move it to a brand new server using the Beginner’s Teleport the game gives you right in the beginning. This activity is called jumping.

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Best Tips for Jumper Accounts

  • Create your jumper account on an old server. Best to create it on the server where your friends are. Alliances from old servers have high tech researches and loads of players who are always willing to help you quickly finish your researching/building progresses.
  • Upgrade all of your buildings to level 7. Max out all of your teach researches.
  • Collect all of the rewards from villages and passes from the map.
  • Train as many troops as possible. Train everything anytime.
  • Join rallies with guildmates to get rewards and max out your Commanders.
  • Best to create a Jumper account while the server is having Lohar or farming events. You will receive lots of rewards while farming neutral units.
  • Farming your account in about 10 days should be great. After that, use your Beginner’s Teleport and move to the latest server. Ensure that server is freshly created and you are one of the first people moving here.
  • You only have 2 Beginner Teleports so do not use them all before changing the server. Only use it once to move to your alliance territory.

After 10 hard farming days, you will have loads of resources and troops ready for the server migration.

Your power must be 100k for now.

The golden keys you got from tribal villages should be enough for you to pull out some Legendary commanders.

After moving to the new kingdom, rush to City Hall level 16 as fast as possible and get tier 3 troops immediately. Other players in the kingdom right now are only at tier 2 troops.

If you want to spend a bit into the game, purchase packages that offer building & researching speeds and get tier 4 units right in the first day. This is enough to get yourself a firm spot in the top Clan and be dominating in the server.

Good luck with your jumper account and have fun in Rise of Kingdoms!

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