Osman I

In this following guide, we will give you some overview of Osman I’s skills, talent tree, and strategy in Rise of Kingdoms. Hopefully, this guide will help new players how to use Osman I and how to maximize his strength in the game.

Osman I

Osman I

LeadershipLeadership – ConqueringConquering – SkillSkill
Title: Imperial Pioneer
Civilization: ottoman Ottoman
Base Power: 600
Rarity: Epic


Osman I is the starting Commander who comes from Ottoman’s nation. He is seen as one of the best epic nukers in the early game thanks to his abilities. Just like Scipio Africanus or Julius Caesar, he is capable of commanding a large army into the battle, which lets him deal a considerable amount of damage to the enemy. He also can control any units, whether it is the infantry, archery, cavalry, or even 3 of them.

To summon Osman I, you will need 10 of his sculptures, which can obtain throughout events, the VIP shop, golden chests.

Osman I Skills

The Empire Awakens

The Empire Awakens  Rage Requirement: 1000

Osman I directly deals a massive amount of damage to the enemy.


Upgrade Preview
Direct Damage Factor: 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 850

The Empire Awakens is an active skill that you should max it first. At max level, it deals 850 damage to the enemy, which is a huge amount of damage. Therefore, it is important to use a talent build that helps Osman I regen rage fast, which lets him use this active skill more often.

Radiance of Bursa

Radiance of Bursa  When Osman I attacks a city for 30 seconds, his troops’ attack gain extra damage for 120 seconds.


Upgrade Preview
Attack Bonus: 5% / 7% / 9% / 12% / 15%

Radiance of Bursa is a decent passive skill since it requires Osman I to attack a city for 30 seconds to trigger the bonus attack. This effect lasts 120 seconds. You will need to increase the troops’ health and defense in order to utilize this passive skill.

Sword of Osman

Sword of Osman After Osman I uses his active skill to the target, they will receive additional damage in the next turn.


Upgrade Preview
Direct Damage Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 400

Sword of Osman is an excellent skill that adds 400 more damage to the enemy after Osman I uses his active skill in the next turn. As mentioned above, a talent build that allows Osman to restore rage fast is needed to use this passive skill effectively.

Sultan’s Glory

Sultans Glory  The troop capacity of Osman I is increased by xx%.


Upgrade Preview
Troop Capacity Bonus: 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%


The 10% more troop capacity is a huge deal for Osman I. His troops’ overall damage in the battle will be increased as well as the survival of his troops.

Rising Empire

Rising Empire Osman I smashes the target with the Sword of Osman, dealing 1,100 damage.

Rising Empire increases Osman I’s active skill damage from 850 to 1,100. With the help of the 3rd skill, Sword of Osman, Osman I can deal a deadly 1,500 damage to the enemy.

Recommended Talent Builds for Osman I

PvP Talent Build

Osman I 50 0 24

In this talent build, you should use a mixed army that contains 3 different types of units to receive the full bonus health and attack from the talent tree.

Conquering Talent Build

Osman I 11 36 27

Pairing Commanders for Osman I

Julius CaesarJulius Caesar: Caesar is well-known for his powerful buffs toward his troops as well as the debuff that reduce the enemy’s fighting capability in the combat. He also comes with the ability that allows him to bring 15% more troops. Together both Caesar and Osman I form a great pair that can quickly strike the enemy with tons of damage and effectively zero them.

  • Caesar should be the primary Commander.
  • If you haven’t owned Caesar yet, you can use Scipio as a good replacement.

Sun TzuSun Tzu: He is another excellent epic Commander that capable of dealing with multiple enemies at the same time. He can also boost Osman I’s active skill damage by 20%.

  • Osman I should be the primary Commander.
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