Top 5 Best Rally Commanders

If you are searching for the best rally Commanders or a way to counter them to get tactical advantages on the battlefield, then you definitely come to the right place. The following guide will show you the top 5 rally Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

We will divide the Commanders into two categories, which are offensive and defensive Commander.

Firstly, we will introduce some Commanders that can easily dish out the enemy when using aggressively.

Secondly and lastly, we will give some Commanders that can effectively fight against rally army.

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Offensive Rally Commanders

Nebuchadnezzar II

Nebuchadnezzar II

He is one of the best rally Commanders in the game. He also has just been released along with Cyrus the Great In the latest update patch.

Nebuchadnezzar is a legendary Commander specializing in archery, and his performance is even better when there are only archer units in his army. When it comes to leading an attack, his army gains 30% more counterattack damage.

Besides, all of their attacks have a small chance to deal extra damage to the attacker (Damage Factor 800) and slow them down by 30% for seconds, which will significantly reduce the enemy capability on the battlefield.

He has an active skill that can hit multiple enemies. His archer units also gain extra defense and mobility, thanks to his secondary passive skill.

He is truly a great conqueror, very effective in PvP for both raiding cities and garrisons.

Nebuchadnezzar II Skill Summary:

  • His active skill deals 2,000 damage to the current target (1,500 damage to other targets, up to 5 in a fan-shaped area).
  • When he serves as a rally Commander:
    • His troops gain 30% more counterattack damage.
    • They have a small chance to deal 800 damage to the enemy and slow them down by 30% for 3 seconds.
    • Archer units under his leadership receive 30% more defense and 15% more march speed.
  • He has a passive skill that gives his army 15% increased damage and gives their regular attacks a 10% chance to reduce the enemy rage. This effect can trigger once every 5 seconds.



He is a reliable choice if you want a Commander capable of dealing a serious amount of damage and negating some of the enemy attacks.

He is one of the best rally Commanders in the game, thanks to his skill set.

When he plays as a rally Commander, all of his troops will gain 10% more defense and attack.

When he attacks a city, 10% of his troops will be injured instead of getting killed in the battle. It is considered one of the best skills to reduce the number of wounded units in the war, which is necessary for a conqueror Commander.

His fourth ability allows him to increase skill damage for every 10% reduction in his army’s strength, which results in a maximum of 15% more skill toward enemy’s troops and 21% against enemy’s cities.

He can play both Primary and Secondary roles, and he can lead any troops to the battle.

Charlemagne Skill Summary:

  • His active skill deals 1,400 damage to a single target.
  • When he and his troops are on the map, they will have a 10% chance to generate a shield that can absorb 1,000 damage from the enemy.
  • His troops gain 10% more defense and attack when he initiates a rally attack.
  • He gains a maximum of 15% more skill damage toward the enemy’s troops and 21% against the enemy’s cites for every 10% reduction in his army.
  • When attacking a city, 10% of his loss troops will become injured instead of getting killed.

Mehmed II

Mehmed II

He is another great conqueror Commander that cannot be bypassed.

He can command any unit, whether it is infantry, archer, or cavalry, which makes him a very flexible Commander to work along.

He is a powerful nuker. His active skill can hit 5 different targets at the same time (Damage factor 1,150). Also, when attacking a city and a garrison, it deals 800 more damage, which is 1,950 damage. Not to mention the 20% more skill damage from his active skill, which is 2,340 damage in total. A monstrous amount of damage.

Mehmed II Skill Summary:

  • He deals 1,150 damage to 5 enemies (at max) in a fan-shaped area.
  • His active skill deals extra 800 damage when fighting against enemy city and garrison.
  • His troops’ attack gains 20% more, and so does his active skill damage.

Defensive Rally Commanders

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian

She can easily defense your city thanks to the massive bonuses from her ability.

She gains 10% damage and 10% extra damage against all rallied armies.

She also deals 20% more counterattack and has a small chance to hit 500 damage to the enemy. In addition, her active skill can deal a massive amount of damage to the enemy (Damage Factor 1000) and heal some of her wounded troops, which is very useful since it reduces the troop loss and resources.

She can hold some of the mighty nukers with the 2 seconds silence, which can buy time for the Alliance members to reinforce.

She is a versatile Commander because she can control any troop and any roles as well.

Wu Zetian Skill Summary:

  • Her active skill deals 1,00 damage to a single target and heals some of her wounded units (Healing Factor 500).
  • When she serves as a garrison Commander, her troops gain 10% more damage toward the enemy and 20% more damage against rallied armies. They also have a 50% chance to receive 20% extra defense when taking skill damage.
  • Her troops get 10% more defense and health.
  • She has a 15% skill damage taken reduction, a 20% counterattack bonus, and has a 10% chance to deal 500 damage to a target



Another prominent defensive Commander in the game that can easily block any rallied armies. She has lots of healing abilities and support skills, which helps her allies and herself last longer on the battlefield.

She takes less damage when she plays as a garrison Commander. Besides, she can deal 10% more damage against rallied armies. Whenever she uses her healing ability, her troops’ health receives 50% more for 2 seconds, which is exceptionally effective against strong nuker or multiple enemies at the same time.

Since she specializes in the infantry, all of her infantry units gain more health, attack, and damage.

If you want to protect your city with the help of your Alliance members, she is a perfect choice thanks to her outstanding healing and bonus damage versus rallied armies.

Zenobia Skill Summary:

  • Her active skill heals her nearby allies (Healing Factor 300) and then herself (Healing Factor 1,100). Any healed troops gain 50% more health for 2 seconds.
  • Her troops receive 15% more attack damage and attack reduction when she serves as a garrison Commander.
  • Under the leadership of Zenobia, infantry units get 20% more health, attack, and 10% extra damage against rallied armies. Additionally, they have a 10% chance to deal 600 damage to the enemy.


That is all our top 5 best rally Commander for beginners. Hopefully, our guide will help you improve your experience in the game.

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