Rise of Kingdoms Redemption Codes

Below is the list of all working redemption codes in Rise of Kingdoms right now. Make sure to use them as fast as you can before all of the gift codes get expired.

Rise of Kingdoms Redemption Codes List

New Codes

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Rise of Kingdoms Redemption Codes

Old Codes

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Rise of Kingdoms, which was previously known as the Rise of Civilizations, is a game that you can play on your personal computers, Android and IOS devices.

In this game, you get to create a kingdom from an abandoned barren land to an empire of extreme glory and great success. Whether you will be a leader or a ruler, will you lead to wars and conquer, or will you lead to peaceful conquests; only time will have the answer to that.

As the governor, you will be responsible for all the might that your city’s military has to offer, for the expansion of your empire and as you rise for the new technologies that the game has in its chests for you.

Redemption Codes offers 11 civilizations and 34 war heroes. Who will win? With so much to win and nothing to lose, you need to pick a road that you believe will lead you to your true glory.

Choose one civilization amongst so many, earning men and women to stand beside you and fight along with you, choose resources to give rise to a kingdom, fight wars, win conquests, conquer the world or reside behind peace and love. The decision is yours!

The game starts on a mild basis introducing you to the game and assisting you by giving a tutorial of the game. You are given the choice of one of 11 civilizations where you are walked through to build your first farm, pick your first hero and select some barbarians. After which you start on an adventurous journey of unending prestige and honor.

So buckle up your seat belts because this journey of acclamations and splendor is a roller coaster ride of its own!

How to use Rise of Kingdoms Codes

A game as strategic as this needs an understanding of all the mechanics. When you are aware of all the rules and regulations, you can enact better schemes to attain the position you truly desire!

Some of these mechanics include:

  • Resources – there are four basic resources for you in the game. These are food, wood, stones, and gems. While each of these resources performs their functions separately, you sometimes combined the use of these resources can act as an ultimate benefactor.
    • Food is a basic necessity for all, but it is more required for recruits. Military improvements use wood and defense upgrade requires a stone.
    • Gem acts as digital currency, letting you instantly improve upgrades. Initially, you start with a generous three hundred gems. You can buy more if need be. The other way to earn gems is by completing certain tasks.
    • To earn resources, you have to ensure that all the activities are actively being conducted in your kingdom.
  • Construction – construction shows the amount of development your kingdom has made. Construction of building require resources; more the resources available efficiently and effectively. The requirement of buildings also depends upon the importance of the construction. You can manage your complex civilization in a better manner if you are aware of all the facts and facets.
    • There are mainly three types of buildings in this game. An academic building is made to ensure growth in your empire, a military building to grow stronger in your empire and aesthetic buildings to make your civilisation visually attractive.
  • Combat – the part where you have to fight against the enemy is simple. You just have to select the troop you are fighting and the place. Choose the hero you want to lead your army and watch the fight while your army wins the battle for you.
    • The outcome of the war depends upon a score that is a combination of all your units. It might seem simple in the beginning, but playing it online against professional players is more fun and thrilling!
  • Online play – once the tutorial ends, you are given a gateway to enter into the world of online mode of playing the rise of the kingdom. While it might seem easier and convenient in the tutorial, it is not so!

In the beginning, you are building an empire of your own, and you are completely vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. The game, therefore, gives you 8 hours in which you have the chance to create alliances, pick heroes, form a military, create your kingdom and build a strong defense. The stronger your defense, the harder will it be for another kingdom to pin you down.

Best Gift Codes in Rise of Kingdoms

For an Android user as a beginner, you can enjoy the game to the fullest as this game an in-depth story that is in your hand to create. For a beginner, you will have new strategies and will be able to hold your front stronger than ever and win the battles against you! The thrill will be amazing for you to enjoy!

A feature of the game allows an expansive alliance system because of which you get resources, health, and medical aid, military aid, research assistance, and can even send your troops for a share of the rewards. And all this allows you never to get bored of the game!

How can the game improve?

Certain things that can be improved in the game are:

  • This is a strategy game, but it barely touches the surface. The game should allow full control of strategy.
  • While it is originally an android game, the animation could still be better.
  • The combat feels incomplete when you cannot even command your troop if you are a king. So the game should allow that to the players.
  • The game takes time to upgrade its building, which can get a little frustrating, so it needs to be a little more efficient!

While the shortcomings can be ignored, the features of this game are all too overwhelming and provide an ultimate gaming experience to all the players. The game is completely worthwhile!

4.7/5 - (30 votes)