Complete Rise Of Kingdoms Talent Guide

Below is the complete list of the best Rise of Kingdoms talent tree guides for all commanders available in the game right now.

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You will have an entire empire to rule, and you can grow it as much as you want.  Since you would be the ruler or the caretaker, you will have to take care of all the assets of the city, such as the military and other technologies.

Before you start with the actual game, you will have to choose a civilization that you would like to rule. There are many options given to you, such as Korean, Japanese, German, British, French, etc. Once you are through with it, you will reach your farm and the hero who is going to help you build your dream empire.

As soon as you have your village, you can start working for its growth, taking care of the army, the commanders & their best talent trees, managing the resources and taking care of the defense. You will also have to start upgrading the technology so that more resources can be generated for you to compete with other major civilizations.

How do Rise of Kingdoms Talent Trees Work?

Rise of Kingdoms uses a lot of strategies, such as different talent builds, and planning that help your empire rise and become better. For this to happen, the ruler of the city, which is you, needs to understand how the game works.

Talent Builds for All Commanders

Naturally, the assets of the village would be the resources that you have and will use in the development of the place. Food, wood, gems, and stones are what your village will require for proper functioning. All parts of your village will require one or more resources out of these.

Food, wood, and stones will be consumed for construction, work, etc. and the gems would be used as the currency which you can use to speed up other processes. You will be provided 300 gems in the beginning, and you fall short of it, you can purchase them using real money in the game.

These resources can be produced in your farm using mines, mills, etc. and collect them whenever in need. You will upgrade them from time to time so that more resources can be generated.

Establishing the village

For construction to take place, all you need is time and a builder. You will have to deliver more time to more important buildings. Speaking of important buildings, the Town Hall is the heart of the village. Upgrade it to increase the level of your empire, but make sure to upgrade the rest of the buildings before jumping to the next level.

Talen Trees for YSG, Sun Tzu, Cleopatra & Julius Caesar

For a battle to take place, you need to select a city that you want to attack. The village should give you a handsome amount of resources and should not be way beneath or above your level. Once you have selected the target, all you need to do it deploy your troops and they will do the rest. The attack is simple but interesting. Once the battle ends, you will be given points and the resources that you were able to collect.

The online mode

In the initial phase, you are given a tutorial that teaches you to play and perform other activities. Once this is ended, you can enter the online mode where you get to compete against other villages and clans which help your village grow. However, before you choose to attack, you need to make sure all your buildings are updated and so is the military. Since the game allows you to attack, it also allows an attack on your village in every 8 hours.

In these 8 hours your village will have a shield under which you can work in the village. The stronger your defence, the less damage would be caused to the village and resources.

To make the game fun, even more, you can ally with other players, which will help you win battles and provide resources, troops, etc. You get to call them when you are in danger, and you can go and help them when they are in danger.

Positive points of focusing on attack talent path

Being a mobile game, Rise of the Kingdoms provides you with good graphics and animation which make the game more fun. You get to experience the satisfaction of collecting resources and power by planning out the city’s growth. The game lets you provide attention to all resources equally and gives time for each process, which can be used productively.

The makers have made the battle different than the rest of the mainstream battles which makes it more fun because of its simplicity. By watching your troops attack, you get a good idea of the improvements and limitations. Because of competition and strong opponents, you get to make alliances with stronger rulers and upgrade your down quickly and learn a lot along the way.

Room for Improvement

The game takes a very simplistic turn which comes as underwhelming to many hard-core gamers. Many complex procedures like updating, resource collecting and construction have been made too simple. Not only this, the graphics of the game could be too easy for some people that they might just lose the essence of it. More work on details could have been done.

Coming to battles, the attacks are fun to watch but the players could be given more power by letting them instruct their troops. You fall short of gems as you progress and waiting for major buildings to finish with updating may seem overwhelming for some.

Best Talent Builds for Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of the Kingdoms is a source of absolute fun and enjoyment like a great game should be. The game is simple which lets nongamers to play it easily as well.

Although graphics and lack of details come as a downfall, many other things make this game a good choice to play.

A fabulous stress buster, you can play it any time and satisfy yourself with power while watching your own empire grow and beat the other civilizations in no time.

Hopefully, you have found all of the best talent trees for your commanders in this guide.

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